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"We are quite new to Full Circle Dentistry, but my family and I love it here. Since I've started going here, I think I've referred about 5 or 6 people. My dad had a huge fear of the dentist, and he hadn't been in years. I sent him to Dr. Caldwell. Now he says "I love my dentist!!!" (And, yes, that is a direct quote). :-)

The office is warm and inviting. Everyone is friendly and professional. And they work hard to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. They play soothing music and one day they even put in a funny family friendly movie to entertain the two young people in the waiting room.

Dr. Caldwell and her staff will take good care of you!" ~ M.L.

"This is still one of the friendliest medical offices I go to and we're still getting our dental work here, including annual x-rays and regular tooth cleanings. My husband was very happy with his Invisalign (?) treatment and we've had successful whitenings as well." ~ J.S.

"We've been going to this dentistry for several years now and always get the appointments when we need them from very friendly and helpful office manager, Kathy. Dr. Caldwell is very open to discussing what dental work you may need and/or how you prefer it done. Parking is free out back and there's always a space available. Building is wheelchair accessible and easy to find, as long as you realize that you will probably go in the back entrance from the parking lot and go up one floor to the dentistry suite."

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